Police Department Recruitment Update

By | July 6, 2020

I responded to Cody’s email about a PD interview occurring today by emailing our Town Manager, Josh Arneson. He had more details which I am copying below:


Thank you for your email. Today I am interviewing a candidate for an officer position, not the Chief position. We have been trying to include one community member in interviews for officer positions. After Cody told me he could not attend I reached out to another community member so I am all set for today’s interview.

We will begin the process of hiring a Chief shortly. There will be a committee which will include members of the public and there will also be a community forum where members of the public can ask questions of the two finalists. I will have more information coming soon on how to get involved in that process.

Josh Arneson”

I told him I would post his message to the group, to which he responded: “Thanks Connie. Once we proceed further with assembling the hiring committee for the Chief I will reach out to the public in general and also the racial equity group.”

So watch for more soon; Cody is our contact person with Josh.