Recent data on SROs from The Economist, July 2020

By | July 24, 2020

I read an article in this week’s Economist on the subject of School Resource Officers (SROs) – timely, and not surprising. A link is below; the article is a little over a page long. Because you may hit a paywall, I have added a PDF of the article to the resources section in our website. In short, there are some contradictory studies on the value of SROs but studies predominantly identify that SROs do not increase school safety. Some have shown that they have a negative effect on high school graduation rates and college enrollment. Guidance for changing these programs recommends asking teachers and administrators about their use of SROs, e.g. why are they called into classrooms and how often. Anecdotal evidence suggests that teacher/student relationships have a bearing on SRO use and outcomes. Here’s the link: