Statement on Diversity, Equity, Social Justice, and Inclusion for service organization

By | July 8, 2020

I am a member of the Board of Our Community Cares Camp, a non-profit service organization that supports children in our school district with a free camp experience, both in person at Camels Hump Middle School and in virtual sessions. OCCC Board Members want to develop a process for examining our work for systemic inequity and we want to inform our community that we think this is important and are working on it.

We are seeking examples of ways to express this. One example that Jana Brown found (also a member of the OCCC Board and this discussion group) is from Building Bright Futures, which created a two page document (a statement and a graphic of Four Levels of Change) to explain its interest and intention. I’m putting the document in our “Files” collection and the first statement it makes below. I am requesting your feedback: how does this sound to you? Is it missing anything? Do you have other examples? If so, please post to the Files location of this website.

Here’s the starting statement:

“Racism is a public health crisis. As an organization, Building Bright Futures is committed to supporting the well-being and development of each and every young child and family in Vermont. As an early childhood community, we must collectively address systemic injustice and strive to do better for our youngest and most vulnerable children and families. We are committed to listening, learning, elevating inequities and taking action to dismantle racism in our organization and in Vermont’s early childhood system.”

Thanks for your help.