Proposed RRE agenda for Tuesday, Jan 26

By | January 24, 2021

Our last meeting, on January 12, identified many important and helpful opportunities to work on to move racial equity forward. To help facilitate a conversation about how to help all of those opportunities move forward, here is a list that we can use on Tuesday (Jan 26) to decide what belongs in a subgroup (Education, Policy/Policing, Reparations) and what should be discussed by the large group together:

  • FIPP
  • Land acknowledgement on webpage
  • School board and SRO
  • Reflections on who we are and how we work together (continued work on the Jamboard we started on Jan 12)
  • Organizational relationships and partnerships
  • Police oversight
  • Community education opportunities
  • Police/SB/Town staff training education opportunities
  • Long term picture of our work – next three years
  • Review of town policies or school policies – is there racism that should be addressed
  • Involvement in school support and activities

No priorities intended with the order in which these topics appear; this is just a list to start us off with. Please feel free to add more when we get together.