Richmond Racial Equity Agenda for Jan 31, 2024 from 7p – 8p on Zoom

By | January 28, 2024

The RRE agenda for Wednesday evening, Jan 31 at 7p is:

7:00-Welcome-Land Acknowledgment

7:05- Because this agenda will take longer than our scheduled one hour meeting, we will need to prioritize time sensitive items for this meeting and schedule next meeting dates.

  1. Debrief on Public Safety Forum, set next Forum date and who will be our next Public Safety Forum guest with Chief Cambridge (Community Justice Center Director, Crista Lee McSweeny? Chittenden County States Attorney, Sara George? Howard Community Outreach?…)
  1. What police data do we think is most important for public access on the Richmond Town website?
  1. Discussion of the Celebration of Declaration of Independence statement created by the State of Vermont that has no mention of indigenous people.
  1. Discussion of housing challenges in Richmond- Town meeting Article.
  2. Discussions on the RRE email list. How to be true to our values, as outlined in our mission statement, as we navigate future uncomfortable conversations via our email group.
  3. Approval of media subscriptions and deletions. Past and future cost sharing with membership.

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 879 8399 8392

Passcode: 835901