Thoughts about 8/4/20 meeting and Policy & Policing Subgroup

By | August 6, 2020

I so appreciated the perspectives shared at this past Tuesday’s meeting of our Richmond Racial Equity group on Zoom. It was a late meeting (following a late Monday for many who attended) and I also appreciated the sustained investment in the conversation. In particular, Christine Werneke’s description of how she approaches differences of opinions and ideas for action resonated deeply for me.

A conversation about group process would be helpful to me as I continue to participate in our work together. Perhaps this is a topic for separate subgroups – I regularly join in the Policy and Policing Subgroup and therefore pose this question to Cody, who gives his time and thought to leading this discussion. Could we spend some time talking about the process the group uses to move forward on its various topics/activities?

I welcome a conversation about this at any level of the group, whether as a full group or sub-groups. And I’m happy to talk with anyone individually too. I realize there can be different perspectives about the value of this kind of conversation.

Thanks for considering this,