Urgent funds needed for Vermont family!

By | October 29, 2020

Richmond community–

We’ve received an urgent call for monetary support for a Vermonter of Color. Here’s an excerpt from a letter from Kesha Ram and Kiah Morris to support Tabitha Moore which was shared with our community via Burlington SURJ:

“Tabitha Moore, founding chapter President of the Rutland County NAACP and and State Director of the Vermont NAACP, needs your help. She and her three children, including her oldest who worked bravely to raise the Black Lives Matter flag at Mill River High School, have been targeted with threats, violent language, and racialized attacks. Recently, Tabitha’s neighbor physically assaulted her while simultaneously calling the police on Tabitha, and her children live in constant fear of someone targeting their home.

Sadly, Tabitha and her family are no longer safe in their home, and Tabitha needs to move to find safety, opportunity, and well-being for her and her children. We need her in Vermont, and that means helping her buy a home in another community and making the transition as smooth as possible during a pandemic and the start of the school year. Please dig deep and give directly to Tabitha via Venmo (@Tabitha-Moore22) or PayPal (paypal.me/tabithamoore22 or tabithaannjulie77@gmail.com) to help her with moving and closing costs.
We are trying to raise $60,000 to allow Tabitha and her family the peace of mind they need to keep moving Vermont and the country toward justice. Please help and spread the word.”

Please give directly to Tabitha and her family via Paypal or Venmo, so that they may live safely in Vermont, and can continue to do their incredible work.


-Reparations Sub-committee