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Urgent funds needed for Vermont family!

By | October 29, 2020

Richmond community– We’ve received an urgent call for monetary support for a Vermonter of Color. Here’s an excerpt from a letter from Kesha Ram and Kiah Morris to support Tabitha Moore which was shared with our community via Burlington SURJ: “Tabitha Moore, founding chapter President of the Rutland County NAACP and and State Director of… Read More »

Events coming up from local Black Orgs!

By | August 10, 2020

Upcoming policy-related events! 2/11-VOTE- In case you still haven’t voted, the Black Perspective of VT has officially endorsed a few candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor: For Governor: Rebecca Holcombe, and David Zuckerman  For Lt. Governor: Tim Ashe, Brenda Siegel  This group will be moving toward aggregating and sharing more candidate information (around their stance… Read More »

Events in Early August!

By | August 2, 2020

Two Events in early August! The Black Perspective presents: Talent Show on Wednesday August 5th at 6-7:30 pm at the O’Brien Community Center in Winooski.  Event Description: “The Black Perspective is a social justice organization who support the minorities in Vermont, striving for equality, justice and elevation of anyone in need. At this event, they… Read More »

July 24th-July 25th Events!

By | July 23, 2020

Hello all, Every weekend is a good weekend to do some allyship work! This weekend we have some great options: protests/rallies and watching some amazing films! Two events tomorrow (July 24th):  Protest Trump’s Police State in Portland and Everywhere- 6-7:30 pm at the Federal Building in Burlington. It is hosted by Community Voices for Immigrant Rights. … Read More »

Upcoming Events! July 10th-July 31st

By | July 9, 2020

Hello everyone! Per my promise, I am going to let you know about virtual meetings that are happening this week around whiteness/racism/allyship in VT. It is time to join larger conversations so we can think more critically about work in Richmond. UPCOMING EVENTS: Tonight (July 9th) is a virtual presentation from Mark Hughes of the Vermont… Read More »

Vermont Racial Equity Organizations to Support and Follow!

By | July 6, 2020

Hello friends! The following are organizations run by Black Vermonters, Vermonters of Color, and white allies who have been working for years on racial justice work. I think it would be great for our group to support them. Most of these organizations use Facebook, twitter and Instagram to alert the public to their work and… Read More »