Richmond Racial Equity Large Group meeting on Sept 21, 6:30, Patty’s Barn

By | September 3, 2022

Please join us at our September Large Group Meeting :

Wednesday, September 21 @ 6:30 at Patty’s Barn

2899 Hinesburg Rd, Richmond

This is a chance to be together in a well ventilated space with no heat, so please check the weather forecast and dress as warmly as needed. The Education group is going to arrange for hot drinks. If you would like, please bring something sweet or savory to share – no obligation though. Your presence is the most important aspect of this meeting!

Planned agenda:

  1. New sign
  2. Take down flag
  3. Revisit mission statement which I have as:
    1. “Establish and promote a more just culture based on racial equity through education, policy, and reparations.”
  4. Approval of process work (from our last meeting)
  5. Goals for coming year
  6. Next meeting/meetings

Thanks to Patty and Jeff for allowing us to use their space at no charge, once again.