RRE monthly meeting Wednesday, September 21 @ 6:30 , Patty’s Barn, 2899 Hinesburg Rd, Richmond

By | September 16, 2022

Reminder: the next RRE monthly meeting is Wednesday, September 21 @ 6:30

at Patty’s Barn

2899 Hinesburg Rd, Richmond

This is a well ventilated space with no heat, so please check the weather forecast and dress as warmly as needed. Your presence is not only welcome but the most important aspect of this meeting!

Planned agenda:

  1. Land Acknowledgement – Ann
  2. Organizational process: warning that we will be voting on approval of attached or the parts we like (see attached) and how often we will meet as a large group
  3. Purpose: review of mission – Alexis
    1. “Engaging our community in opposing racism – and advancing equity for Indigenous, Black, and people of color – through education, policy change, and reparations.
  4. Equity related issues/requests from our community – discussion – Connie
  5. Social medial management – discussion – Gretchen
  6. Confirm next meeting date

Thanks, once again, to Patty and Jeff for the use of their barn.